WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night  

Something I know to be true about going on dates is that if I feel uncomfortable in what I am wearing (which usually comes in the form of an itchy fabric or high heels), I act uncomfortable and awkward. That’s never good on a date. Never. But then the question always is, what should I wear that is comfortable, feminine and perfect for date night? It’s not as hard as you think, girls. Simply take inspiration from today’s Fashionista who has a flawless look for date night.

Today’s Fashionista is wearing a black and white gingham print smock dress, navy, pointed flats with an ankle strap and a black cross-body bag. This look is perfect for date night because it follows the idea of not over doing it. The dress has a classic pattern, and the cinch at the waist defines her feminine shape. Not to mention, the cotton fabric is breezy and comfortable. The ankle strap detail on her flats and the velvet material adds touches of formalness to the look and bring a vintage feel into the outfit. Leather cross-body bags are always my go-to for date night because they leave my hands free for holding hands.

I love everything about this look for a date night, but I especially like that there are no distracting details, such as a statement necklace or hair accessory. It is sweet, playful and feminine, traits that your guy will not only like in your outfit, but hopefully in your personality as well. While the outfit is a hit, the main star in this look is the Fashionista, and on a date the guy will only be able to focus on you.

One Simple Change: Want to transition this dress into an outfit for this weekend? Simply add a brown leather belt at the waist, fedora and sunglasses and you have a chic outfit to wear on your day off.