WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

April 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

So, with the end of the school year fast approaching and the workload piling up, you don’t seem to have time for a date. But for some cosmic miracle, you and your significant other’s schedules manage to coincide and you finally have time to squeeze in a date night. Even though this is far from the first date, a plain white T-shirt, beat up blue jeans and sneakers sounds so boring and so unthoughtful. What’s a man to wear?

This Fashionisto wears the perfect classy date night look that is for sure going to impress his girl. Choosing the maroon bowtie over a regular tie is playful and more masculine. The simple thin stripe detail on his navy blue jacket keeps the look clean and adds to his gentlemanly attire; while the plain white button-down shirt keeps the look casual and grounded. The simple mixings of color and minimal patterns tell a girl he tried and put thought to his outfit without looking like he overdid it.

His maroon oxford shoes matches his bowtie which tie the whole look together. Any Fashionisto can agree that shoes make the whole ensemble. By opting for these oxford shoes lined with black stitching and embroidery and black laces, his outfit screams gentleman and class all on its own. But by adding this piece to his look, this Fashionisto is ready for fancy date night far away from lecture halls and libraries.

Follow in this Fashionisto’s style choices and you are sure to impress your significant other. You will also be able to achieve the masculine, polished look and a lot of personality—all of which that will for sure land you another date.

One Simple Change: Let’s say the date goes well and you want to move the fancy date to a more casual one over the weekend. Just simply take off the blazer and the bow tie.