WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

With summer right around the corner and spring campus festivities coming up, it’s the perfect time to be on the search for the ideal date. Although it’s what’s on the inside that matters the most, it is the outfit that first captures one’s attention, so best not to be slacking these days. With the amazing weather we’ve been having this week, you have no excuse to dress to the nines now. This Fashionisto has the right idea rocking the classic plaid shirt and casual, yet professional khaki pants. Matching this with a pair of sneakers makes a relaxed look, but presentable at the same time, which is the ideal first date night attire.

You have to admit it’s somewhat easier for guys to get dressed for special events like a date night, but don’t downplay it too much. They have to pick what kind of button-down they’re going to sport with what type of pants and don’t get me started about the shoes. This Fashionisto’s simple look is perfect for the warm weather and the occasion; you can’t beat it. The hues of his plaid shirt are also great for the transition into spring, combining a gray-blue with a brighter hue, like red. By untucking his button-down and matching it with sneakers creates a comfortable and relaxed look. Pairing this combination with khakis makes this ensemble presentable and appropriate for a special evening. It’s just the right amount of formal and informal for this event. Dress too formal and you may appear stiff and uptight, but if you straddle the line just right, you’re all set for a great date night. Keep this in mind when crazily searching through your closet and good luck—you got this!

One Simple Change: Let’s say you suddenly got tickets to a show and date night turns into attending a concert. Don’t panic! You can definitely still sport this look, just tweak it a bit. Instead of buttoning your shirt up all the way, let loose and layer it over a T-shirt. Khakis can work, but to be even more casual go for a good pair of comfortable jeans. Lastly, be sure to wear shoes you can groove in.