WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It’s almost the end of the semester, and naturally, everyone’s just waiting for it to end. We know that life’s hard when finals are coming up and Spring Break has become a distant memory. Therefore, it’s the best time to take your SO out to distress, have some fun and spice up the relationship. Regardless of how long you two have been dating, you still want to look pretty on a date. So what should you wear for the big night?

Check out how this Fashionista pulls off a flirtatious yet classy look. The key to her outfit is the classic black and white combo with a hint of gold and red. Her white crop top definitely turns some heads—it’s neat, cute and structured. It brings out her silhouette and maintains sophistication at the same time. While the top exposes some skin, her black maxi skirt brings a mysterious element to her look. The combination is elegant, which contrasts greatly with her chunky gold necklace. Adding edgy accessories always brings out your personality, loud and clear.

As we all know, going on a date doesn’t mean you’re free from other obligations when you’re at Berkeley. You might be coming from class, a review session, a meeting or even lab. In that case, carry your backpack like this Fashionista did—no one’s going to judge you. In fact, her red backpack matches her phone case and adds a hint of brightness to her outfit. Also, if you do have to do lab work before your date, put on a sweater; you don’t want to expose any skin in lab.

So take some notes before going on your big date! This Fashionista’s outfit is your perfect guide to an amazing date night with your bae.

One Simple Change: Thinking about tailgating next semester already? Swap out the maxi skirt for denim shorts, and pair it with the same crop top. You’ll get a fresh and fun outfit.