WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

The day before a date, anxiety always ensues. Along anticipation and preparation, one of the most thought about questions before going on a date is, “What do I wear?” Depending on the occasion, whether the date is during the day or night, at a coffee shop or at a chic restaurant, the appropriate outfit differs and makes choosing the right one a more confusing process than it should be. That is why my best advice for anyone who is going on a date and does not know what to wear, just wear what you feel most comfortable in. Do not fret about it and just be yourself.

Being herself is exactly what this week’s Fashionista did best with her date night ensemble. This Fashionista was ready for her daytime date with her chic, yet simplistic outfit. She wore a striped T-shirt dress and paired it with a bold blue jean jacket. Her outfit screams springtime, as stripes and denim are two staples of any Fashionista’s spring wardrobe. The combination of blues and whites also makes this Fashionista stand out, making it a solid ensemble for a date.

What made this outfit so unique to her own personal style was the flair that she added with her footwear. Contrasting from the brighter blues and whites in her dress and jacket, this Fashionista wore solid black from the knees down. She paired black, knee-high socks with black thick-soled booties. The contrast of colors and styles really shows that this Fashionista loves to mix her edgy and girly styles together, and it completely works.

If you are trying to find the perfect outfit for a date night, do not think too much into it. Just wear an outfit that you feel confident in and can be yourself in. An outfit that makes you feel good is bound to bring you good vibes!

One Simple Change: If you want to make this look work for a night on the town, just switch out the denim jacket for a bold, moto jacket for a more sophisticated style.