WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

It’s Friday night, and you know what that means—date night! You’re searching through your closet trying to find the perfect balance of comfortable, sexy and effortless. The endless struggle of being a female is kicking in, and you’re about to give in or go spend yet another paycheck at Forever 21 on an outfit you will wear at most two times. Have no fear; your go-to outfit is here!

Check out this Fashionista. She looks chic, comfortable and has just enough leg showing to call for male attention. This outfit is perfect for a casual date night with your fella. The loose skirt is extremely on-trend at the moment and adds a bit of movement to the outfit. Thank heavens that the era of short and skintight skirts is over. This look leaves you feeling comfortable and is much more flattering, so eat away at that bread basket (I love carbs!)

The simple cotton sweater gives an oversized and complementary appeal to the look. The nylons come in right when they are needed, showing the perfect amount of leg. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, you spot the thigh-highs. These over-the-knee boots have a loose top, which works for all body types, and the heel adds for an extra long leg.

Overall, this look is perfect for a movie night, drinks or dinner. You’ll look naturally fun and ready for it all. It’s not always necessary for a tight bandage dress or a plunging neckline to look feminine. This look achieves it all and in a very modest way—we LOVE it.

One Simple Change: Change out the boots for a pair of Converse, and you’re ready for class in a skater-chic ensemble.