WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Everyone loves a well-dressed man and when spotting one, it needs to be documented. This Fashionisto caught my attention because of his collared button-down and, overall, how flawlessly put together he looked. He had the casual vibe refined and definitely picked a perfect outfit for a laid back date night.

These warm months approaching are the perfect time for men and women to pull out those shorts and a cute top and go out with their significant other for a fun night on the town. This Fashionisto wears a structured top with laid back bottoms and shoes, which are perfect enough for a nice dinner. These pieces can also be perfect for many other events. Whether you are inside or outside, this outfit can be versatile to fit the season.

Men’s colored bottoms have been extremely popular for many seasons now, and can definitely make an outfit so much more interesting. Wearing a bold-colored bottom, with a patterned top can make one look pulled together without putting much effort into it. The gingham pattern on his shirt is also very versatile. You could pair this particular shirt with khaki pants, jeans or shorts like the Fashionisto.

If your significant others follows in this Fashionisto’s footsteps, you are sure to be happy to have someone so pulled together on your arm.

One Simple Change: If going to an outdoor venue, like a concert, try wearing loafers that can be easily dressed up or down and won’t get your feet dirty.