WHAT TO WEAR: Dashing Through The Snow

How is it possible to enjoy the crisp winter weather when you are freezing your butt off? The answer: you don’t. That’s why I just had to stop this Fashionista in her tracks because she definitely knew how to embrace her snow-covered boots and the chilly air.

This Fashionista is rocking the layered look. She started layering by wearing a simple colored T-shirt and dressed it up by throwing a wool cardigan over top, both from Tobi. Since campus is so big, having a puffer coat stocked in your closet this winter season is a necessity. This Fashionista purchased her black puffer coat from Nordstrom, but many other stores have stocked up on them since the beginning of the holiday season including Target, J.Crew, and Neiman Marcus.

Now, I just HAVE to talk about this scarf. Blanket scarves have been all the rage this winter season, and get this, this Fashionista purchased her scarf at T.J.Maxx for only $12!!! What a deal!

During the cold winter months, it’s really easy to throw on a pair of sweats and call it a day, but it’s just as easy to throw on your favorite pair of jeggings to complete your look.  It allows others to have the impression that you put effort into dressing up for class that day when in reality, your jeggings are just as stretchy and comfortable as your favorite pair of leggings. To complete the look, she threw on her favorite pair of fuzzy socks, also from T.J.Maxx, and laced up her Sperry Boots.  These boots are perfect for trudging through the snow due to the water resistant material they are made with;  they’re awesome for keeping your toes warm and dry!

Simple layering can come together and create the perfect winter look, all while still being able to bundle up and keep warm during the nippy winter weather.