WHAT TO WEAR: Dare to be Basic

After overloading yourself with the insane and beautiful styles from New York Fashion Week, you’re probably thinking “how am I ever going to stay up to date on my style?” That’s where your new best friends come in—basics.

The best way to complete an outfit is through the basics. There are always certain things you should have in your closet that are staple items that bring an outfit together. This Fashionisto knows exactly what I mean. Through NYFW every year, the trends may change, but basics are forever.

You should always have a white T-shirt in your wardrobe, or any basic color for that matter. You can wear it when you don’t know what else to wear and trust me, it works. I believe that you should have more than one white tee—more styles. This Fashionisto decided to wear a V-neck tee, which makes his outfit look more stylish than thrown together. Along with his white tee comes his denim button-down—another staple, like this one from American Eagle. You should always have a denim button-down shirt in your wardrobe because it can be worn for multiple occasions. Especially in the transition from summer to fall, the denim button-down is the perfect cover up for those morning when it’s freezing to the afternoons when it’s hot. You can change your outfit by tying the shirt around your waist to recreate a ’90s grunge look.

Sometimes, I think it’s awkward sometimes when you wear blue denim shirt and a blue denim jeans; however, this Fashionisto dodged the awkwardness and wore colored denim. Military green is the best color to wear for outfits like this. Along with being super in style, you can wear this type of green with anything and you will still look fabulous.

Finally, tying his outfit together by untying his shoes. These fabulous suede shoes make this outfit look professional and stylish while being comfortable. You don’t want your shoes to pop too much with color or else it will distract from the color in your jeans.

No matter the color of these articles, you can wear this outfit forever. You can wear a bold black T-shirt with denim and maybe even a flannel. The more simple the outfit, the more classic you will be and longer your style will last through time.

You could wear this outfit for a casual Friday, a day in class or even a night out with friends! Nothing can go wrong with this outfit. These clothes will forever last in your closet because they will never go out of style.