WHAT TO WEAR: Crop Tops Aren’t for Winter

Or are they? Most Fashionistas, including myself, believe that crop tops are best worn during hot summer afternoons. As someone who puts comfort pretty high on my priority list, I have never even considered swapping my comfy sweater for a crop top in the middle of January. However, this brave Fashionista is inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and try wearing my favorite strappy black crop top even on the coldest days of winter.

Due to the brutal Wisconsin winters, it was essential that this Fashionista found a way to stay warm even while wearing a crop top. She paired her crop top with a thick flannel shirt to make the outfit a little more cozy and winter-friendly.  Not only is the flannel warm and cozy, but it’s cute and adds a great deal of color to the outfit. Apart from the crop top and flannel, this Fashionista decided to go with a pair of green pants, black combat boots and a brown lipstick. This combination gives the outfit more of an edgy vibe. She choose to wear a lacy bralette under her crop top. Bralettes are a great way to stay comfortable without sacrificing style. The bralette adds a feminine touch to an otherwise edgy outfit. This provides the outfit with a nice sense of balance.

Overall, this Fashionista really inspired me to take a few risks when picking out my outfits. I realized that it is okay to wear my favorite summer items during the winter, it just takes a little bravery and creativity.