WHAT TO WEAR: Cozy Blanket Scarves

I never look forward to that time of year when winter comes around, and the cold weather becomes brutal. I always struggle between wanting to look cute and staying warm when the temperatures drop so low. I always look for comfort and warmth when picking out an outfit during the wintertime. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect because it is both stylish and will keep her warm during the freezing cold months. She did a really good job at combining style, warmth, and comfort.

This Fashionista is rocking a thick sweater with a plaid blanket scarf that will keep her very warm this season. If you live somewhere that gets freezing cold like Ohio, throw on a nice winter coat and cute hat, and you’re ready to go for the day! I love the red/orange color of her sweater. It is perfect for the winter season, and it matches perfectly with her scarf. One of my favorite winter accessories are blanket scarves. I love them because they keep you very warm while also staying very stylish. They are so easy to quickly throw on over any sweater or shirt. Blanket scarves can be tied many different ways or even as a shawl or poncho. They can be styled so differently and warn with almost any outfit. As the temperatures quickly drop, blanket scarves are an essential piece in my wardrobe. She paired her sweater and scarf with a classic pair of black jeans and cute leather boots. Black jeans are perfect because you can wear them with any outfit. Black jeans are probably my favorite clothing item because you can dress them up really nice or make them look very casual. This Fashionista finished off her look with a simple silver bracelet.