WHAT TO WEAR: Contemporary Blue

October 25th, 2016 at 2:00am

The leaves are starting to fall and the temperature is beginning to drop, but that doesn’t mean your style should too. No more sun kissed eye shadows; it’s time to bring out the dark shades. It’s October and everyone’s dark side starts to appear. Fall has always been my favorite season because it’s enchanting to find new ways to dress up and stay warm all at the same time. Being your own person makes styling your own pieces a lot more fun.

When the sun comes down, it’s never predictable when the next golden hour will appear, so grabbing this Fashionista for a quick shoot was not a hassle. This Fashionista is not only going with the wind, but also is breaking her own set of boulders to break this season. When it’s 45 degree weather, it’s almost impossible not to have a sweater and a jacket. However, instead of throwing just anything on, she effortlessly went with the color scheme of the sky. She decided to wear a simple grey sweater. As for her bottoms in order to match the color scheme with the sky, she throws in her favorite ripped jeans and favorite pair of black boots to help herself conquer the world. And, since it feels like winter is slowly starting to approach us, she chooses to wear her favorite trench coat and cap to help her stay warm and fashionable. To finish off the look, she uses a natural yet warm color lipstick to brighten up her look.

Fall is the season where fashion is at its true break through and not afraid to conquer the season. As for Fashionistas like this one, this season will her own break through.