WHAT TO WEAR: Conquering the Weekend

WHAT TO WEAR: Conquering the Weekend

For some, the weekends are perfect for waking up early, running errands and seizing the day. For others though, they’re made strictly for seeing how many episodes of The Office you can fit in. I, unfortunately, am a part of the latter, but this Fashionista is all about getting things done and making the most of her days off. Her secret? Throwing on a great outfit that keeps her feeling cool and comfortable all day long.

The first step in deciding what to wear for a busy day out is to choose a staple piece like her black sweater. Picking a basic top like this makes it easy to play with other items in your wardrobe, like throwing a vest over top for a pop of color. Her green khaki vest gives her outfit a little more depth, all while staying within the comfort category.

For bottoms, she chose her favorite ripped jeans rather than opting for a more casual choice, like leggings. This Fashionista shared with me that by braving a pair of jeans in the morning, she tends to feel more productive and put together while she’s out and about. I think it’s awesome how a simple thing like wearing jeans can transform someone’s attitude for the day!

Lastly, she threw on some classic black booties that have a small platform heel that make it comfortable for walking around town in. The final touches of her day-conquering look consist of rocking some french braids and her best sunglasses. The only thing left for this Fashionista to do now is to take on the weekend!