Fall is a perfect season for hanging out with your closest girls and going to concerts in the crisp, cool weather. This Fashionista is ready to take on a night going to see one of her favorite bands play live. Influenced by the slip dress trend (worn by many celebrities recently), this Fashionista paired it perfectly with a pair of Superstar adidas and an oversized denim shirt to make it a sporty, comfortable ensemble. An evening concert is a perfect event to showcase this cute, carefree look while still looking Instagram ready with her best friends.

Since the weather changes from warmer during the day to cooler at night, this outfit can be very transitional with the weather. If the weather was hot and humid, this Fashionista could even tie her oversized denim shirt around her waist to show off the strappy design of her slip dress and bralette. This Fashionista’s bralette brings an edge look to her outfit and gives her slip dress some original effect. Her denim shirt and sneakers add a kicked back look to her outfit. Her sneakers add comfort especially when standing for multiple hours at a concert. These sneakers can be worn with all different kinds of outfits are becoming more popular in street style.

Her gold necklace is simple and subtle yet goes perfectly with her relaxed outfit adding some edginess and color. Backpacks and satchels are becoming the new purse. They can be held all different ways and are perfect for easy accessibility in a concert setting. The faux leather flows flawlessly with this Fashionista’s denim and black combination, and helps keep the edgy look that this Fashionista is fond of.

Thanks for a RAD semester Fashionistas/os! Until next time!