August 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Summer is closing in on it’s end. Before your mind goes straight to “Back to School” mode, make time for that one last activity to end this summer with a bang! What better way to celebrate summer than by going to an outdoor concert? There’s something about being outside, listening to your favorite artist, that brings us back in time to the Woodstock era. Outdoor concerts are a perfect time to let your inner bohemian shine, especially in ways that aren’t the typical flower crown and crop top concert look!

This Fashionista knew exactly what to do when it came to creating the perfect outdoor concert look. A super trendy chambray dress with floral print ruffles was the focal point of this boho ensemble. The oversized sleeves add another layer of cool concert chick vibes that really are perfect for the boho route that this outfit took. The pop of maroon from a tank top layered under the dress adds another focal point and helps that colors in the floral print to stand out more. This Fashionista is already ahead of the game because this dress combines two fall 2016 trends in one piece!

To finish off the concert outfit, this Fashionista added boho-vibed jewelry that I really think added the best finishing touches to tie every element together. A wood bracelet with hemp details connected the color of her cute strap sandals into the rest of the ensemble. Finally, she added an elephant pendant necklace that is super hippy and vintage. What a perfect end to a concert creation! This Fashionista is ready to travel back to the Woodstock era!

One Simple Change: This look can be super flirty due to the floral print and cute ruffles, so it would be perfect for date night! Just change out the strap sandals for a pair of boho lace-up heeled sandals or wedges! The more dramatic shoes will create more of a “put together” feeling that could work for either a dinner date or a night of dancing date!