So you’ve bought your ticket to a summer music festival? Now, what are you going to wear that’s weather appropriate, comfortable and trendy enough to be spotted by media outlets? This Fashionista has the answer!

These photos were taken at Bestival in Toronto. It’s a two day music festival located in the city’s east end. The program features not only concerts, but also activities, sights and vendors centred around the theme “Summer of Love.”

This day in particular was one of the hottest the city had seen all season, but this Fashionista knew how to keep cool while looking, you know, super cool.

The flowing slip dress she is wearing is airy, and is layered over a fitted white T-shirt. Cotton is breathable, and doesn’t magnify heat in the way that black clothing does.

This Fashionista is wearing Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops. They handle well in the heat, too. They can be worn with socks, have some support for your feet and are super easy to clean! If you spend all day standing at the front of the main stage for a headliner, or find yourself stepping in a mud puddle, these shoes are a great choice.

Backpacks are a great way to pack everything you need for the weekend in one place, and this Fashionista works hers into her monochromatic outfit, accenting it with a Fendi-style bag charm.

The layered necklaces and sparkly ball earrings that this Fashionista uses to accessorize give this outfit just the flare it needs, while sticking to the color scheme. Her mirror aviator sunglasses tie it all together, and protect her eyes from those nasty UV rays!

A general festival note, it’s important to always stay hydrated! Finally, a quick tip: most festival locations won’t allow aerosol spray cans, so stick to a liquid-based sunscreen.

One Simple Change: Ditch the T-shirt and swap the Converse for a pair of stylish heels to take this look to a festival after party for a girl’s night out!