Summer is in full swing and concert season is amongst us people! Icons like Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have shown us that concerts are a great place to showcase your style, experiment with new trends and become inspired by those around you. Whether it’s Lollapalooza, country concerts or just a local festival, they are all great opportunities to show off your personal style.

That being said, finding the perfect outfit of the day can be a little stressful for us Fashionistas. It’s important to look cute, but let’s be honest, comfort is just as, if not more, important in the concert scene. You want an outfit that you feel confident in, but won’t leave you uncomfortable and allows you to dance like nobody’s watching, am I right? So dressing can be a chore because we all know cute sometimes comes at a cost of comfort, but it is doable, no worries! This Fashionista has it all figured out.

I spotted this Fashionista outside of Summerfest, an annual 10-day music festival in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and she had the cute and comfy outfit perfected. Her A-line button-down denim skirt is the perfect staple piece for the summer. You can literally wear it with anything, and it’s totally hot right now. Paired with the maroon lace-up detail top, it adds a pop of color and stands out as the statement piece of the outfit. The simple black choker adds a little ‘90s vibe to the outfit without taking away from the shirt. To top it off, she paired it all with some strappy flat black sandals that will ensure she’s comfortable the whole night. She managed to put all this together, look super fashionable and be ready for whatever dancing this night has in store.

One Simple Change: She went with the strappy sandals to make sure comfort was a priority while standing on her feet all day. Pair this same outfit with a chunky heel and violia she’s all ready for a night out with the gals afterwards!