With the warm summer months comes concerts, day long festivals and lots of hot weather. It’s important to be comfortable and protect yourself from the sun. This Fashionista pulls off both!

This Fashionista is wearing a casual crop top paired with shorts. The open-back top allows her to stay cool while still being chic. Her sneakers are a great choice due to the fact she’ll most likely be on her feet all day long. The boho-inspired hat plays perfectly with the neutral tones in her outfit, and adds an extra layer of sun protection. Yes, you still need to lather up in sun screen too.

Music festival fashion is one of a kind. This Fashionista makes her outfit stand out by adding layers of bracelets and rings. Throughout her whole outfit, she mixes patterns and textures. Her lace top contrasts her solid shorts. In terms of her jewelry, she incorporates patterns from nature and adds many bright colors. Her braided hair is a great finishing touch to the boho-inspired look and helps keep her hair out of her face all day long. If you’re going to a concert this summer, remember braids are a super trendy idea!

Concerts are about music and fashion, but it is also very important to stay safe and hydrated. Always apply sunscreen, or even wear a hat like this Fashionista!

One Simple Change: By switching out her shorts for a maxi skirt, one could wear this outfit for a girl’s night out. Adding a pair of wedge heels in place of sneakers could also spice up the outfit even more.