April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Well, it’s that time of year again. College students are inhaling about eight coffees a day and pitching tents in the library (not actually, but you know what I mean). With finals approaching fast, and the sadness of leaving our best friends sinking in, it is safe to say that everyone on campus needs a little something to look forward to. As for me, summer music festivals are the main things on my radar right now (besides studying, of course, Mom and Dad).

While my favorite bands and musicians are enough to get me excited, it’s picking out the perfect festival outfit that is the cherry on top. So when I saw this Fashionista’s effortless outfit, I knew I had to stop and snap some pictures.  Yes people, feel free to do a double take. This Fashionista’s outfit can make anyone feel like they’re in the crowd at Coachella, instead of in the crowd of students hustling to class at Miami University.

Her delicate and girly off-the-shoulder white top is beautifully combined with cute ripped jean shorts, which are perfect for the summer. I love how she accessorized with midi rings, a statement necklace and the perfect pair of Ray-Bans. However I have to admit it’s the killer gladiator sandals that caught most of my attention. Lastly the fringe bag brings the outfit full circle, giving off a bohemian summer vibe. This Fashionista is like a walking Pinterest board, and I definitely am pinning this outfit for later.

One Simple Change: Getting a little chilly in the summer air? Switch out the jean shorts for an awesome pair of flare jeans. You’re still giving the look a bohemian vibe, while staying warm and cute at the same time!