The final weeks of college can be super stressful with the extra homework load and studying for exams. This time, however, also brings some fun with festival season. The nice weather is the perfect opportunity for outdoor activities and concerts. It is important to be prepared for what to wear to these concerts in order to look cute and be comfortable.

Festivals are fun because they are filled with good friends, music and food. This can be a great excuse to take a break from the hours of studying and homework. It is always nice having a unique day event to go to, where you can enjoy live music and the beautiful weather that spring brings. When attending an outdoor concert or music festival, it is important to dress appropriately; you don’t want to ruin your good time by being either too hot or too cold.

Wearing a loose-fitting dress is one way to look fashionable and festive for outdoor concerts while still being comfortable. Dresses are effortless and easily give you the ability to add (or remove) layers throughout the day. Here, this Fashionista is wearing a TOBI tie dye dress that embraces all the spring colors. She paired her dress with some purple-toned sunglasses and tan wedges. If you are not comfortable walking around in heels, you can substitute the wedges for a pair of cute, tan flats. Trying to carry around a big purse during a festival is just irritating and often impractical. Here, this Fashionista opted for a cute tan messenger bag from Target that is lightweight and stylish.

One Simple Change: After the concert ends and night falls, it can get pretty chilly. With nightly activities always going on, you are bound to take this look from day to night. Throw on a light jacket and a pair of Converse sneakers and you will be ready for wherever the night takes you.