The fall season seems to be marked by pumpkin spice lattes, the onset of sweater weather, bonfires and holiday festivities. Fall for Chicagoans is also the prime time for being fashion forward and concerts are great place to show off that new pair of shoes, jacket or statement piece! Luckily in Chicago, there is an abundance of opportunities to dress up fancy and get student discounts for performances.

What is great about this Fashionista’s look is that it is fitting for both the chilly, crisp fall breeze and an evening at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra downtown. She is ready to walk into the music complex and blend in with both the entertainers and concert-goers who are dressed up with a high society vibe. This Fashionista takes it to a different level, though, with her pencil skirt. It is the only piece she is wearing that is not a neutral color. It works well because the vibrant rainbow colors are at the center of the outfit. The combination of colors is not distracting and it has just enough vibrancy that makes the outfit complete.

The striped skirt is also very perky and peculiar and It says a lot about this Fashionista. She is not just stylish and ready to impress at a concert hall, but she is also willing to try a color combination that is different and unapologetic in the decision to be different. Paired with the skirt are some classy pieces: a plaid coat, a pair of ankle boots, a long-sleeve black sweatshirt and black leggings. Along with the neutral colors and colorful pencil skirt, the Fashionista also carefully chose a plaid coat that brings an element of structure to her outfit. Having a bit of structure in her outfit adds another level of fashion sophistication. The coat implies a seriousness that one finds at a symphony orchestra concert. But it is a different kind of serious; it’s not the ‘have no fun’ serious, but a serious that proclaims that “I may be young, but I know what music hall culture is like.”

One Simple Change: If after the concert there’s still some time to have some fun or if you want to keep a similar style for a girl’s night out, I would suggest switching up the style of skirt. This one with a fringe shows you’re ready to go out and have some fun dancing with your closest BFF’s.