One of the best and most reminiscent memories of summer has got to be the concerts and music festivals, which really capture the essence of what summer is all about. Coachella, Electric Zoo and Bonnaroo—these festivities were the highlight of many people’s summer. It’s no different here in New York city, where venues such as Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center hold concerts and other shows all year long. The anticipation to see a favorite artist with a group of friends is an unbeatable feeling, especially after trudging through a week’s worth of classes or work, but you might wonder what to wear while still staying comfy at the same time.

I think this Fashionista’s outfit is ideal for concerts in crowded areas where sweating is inevitable yet, she still looks stylish and comfortable.

Her outfit is cool and edgy and she doesn’t hold back, which is clearly shown by her graphic muscle tank top tucked into a pair of distressed high-waisted shorts. Flannel is practically a must-have fall essential since it is easy for layering and light enough to carry around. With this multi-colored flannel, this Fashionista is sure to stay warm for any fall concerts. As for shoes, these simple black Keds will definitely keep her feet comfy from a night of standing in the crowd. This Fashionista’s outfit is not only expresses her style but is wearable and comfortable.

One Simple Change: If it’s already fall in your area and temperatures are low, swap the flannel for a leather jacket to ensure you stay warm the entire night of the concert and to layer, wear a pair of tights underneath the denim shorts to really tie in the grunge look!