October 2nd, 2015 at 2:00am

I am one of those people who consistently believes that certain songs on my iPod would make for a killer soundtrack to my life if it were ever made into a movie. I am very much a people person but sometimes when I want some time to myself, I have my trusty iPod and headphones to guide me. While very different mediums, I do believe that fashion and music go very hand in hand. Both music and fashion trigger some kind of emotion and feeling and both tell a story. With some upcoming concerts coming my way, I have been on the hunt for some fashion inspiration. This Fashionista had a cool and sleek look that would turn heads at any concert venue.

The first thought I had when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit is that less really is more. I like the black dress that she opted for because of its functionality. The fabric and the length of the dress are great for that transition between summer and fall. The detailing at the neck of the dress is pretty and unique, adding some pizazz to the dress. The arms of the dress are what really sold it to me. I always like to see a new spin on the idea of a stereotypical little black dress and the arms add a cool, almost bohemian vibe. Who says an LBD has to be stiff and boring? A dress like this is great for a concert because it is comfortable enough where you won’t be fidgeting with your outfit the whole night and it’s universal enough that it will work for various concerts.

I am a sucker for Converse All-Stars high-tops so I was even more excited when I saw how this Fashionista incorporated them into her overall ensemble. I loved how she chose white high-tops with her black socks, providing a pop of color. I would recommend shoes like this for a concert because they provide some much needed support for your feet. At concerts, you are up on your feet a lot either standing or dancing. Just because you have to protect your feet does not mean you cannot be stylish doing it! To pull her look together, this Fashionista added a pair of sunglasses and small hoop earrings.

One Simple Change: Add a pair of heals or booties and swipe on a bright colored lipstick to make your look a little less casual for a fun girl’s night out! This look would be perfect for sipping on drinks and gossiping with your friends about the new semester and what you are currently binge-watching on Netflix!