October 1st, 2015 at 2:00am

In Athens, as in most college towns, the music scene is a huge part of the community culture. There are multiple concert venues in town and different artists performing every night, which is not surprising considering Athens is known for launching bands such as R.E.M. and the B-52’s. Local concerts are a great way to let loose and have fun after a long week of classes. Finding the perfect concert outfit can often be a challenge. Any concert veteran knows the ideal outfit must be comfortable enough to dance in, light enough to avoid sweating but still stylish enough to stand out in the crowd. This Fashionista, who was spotted on her way to the concert of an Athens favorite, Cherub, finds the perfect balance of all three elements to create a killer concert outfit.

The Fashionista chose a cool and edgy outfit to fit the event. She started with a simple tied-up graphic tank top and paired it with a super flared vintage denim skirt to accentuate her waist. She wore black combat boots to add a grunge vibe to the outfit and to keep her feet comfortable while standing in the crowd for hours. The accessories were simple, but added pops of red through bracelets and lipstick make an otherwise neutral outfit stand out. To complete the look, she put her hair into a high, sleek ponytail to stay cool throughout the show. This Fashionista created the perfect concert outfit by staying practical but looking cool.

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily transition from downtown to classroom-ready by untying the tank top and adding some patterned harem pants. You can achieve the comfort-level of pajamas but still look chic for school!