Summer calls for music festivals and concerts! This is the live it up, let loose and create memories with great company. While the music, arts and environment are key to any summer festival/concert experience, part of the fun definitely includes your ensemble. You want to be two things: comfortable and stylish. An example of a comfortable and stylish festival outfit is shown on my Fashionista as she is rocking a simple black dress with a patterned scarf, fanny pack and a pair of combat boots.

A black dress like this is a great option to wear to a music festival or concert because it is casual and comfortable to dance in. It can be a day to night outfit and can be easily dressed up or down with its form-hugging fit. I always have trouble finding the perfect outfit to wear and I mix and match different pieces. Though there isn’t necessarily a dress code for concerts and festivals, I like to just have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to stand out! Vibrant and neon colors are cool and pop in color. Like many, my go-to outfit will probably be a crop top with high-waisted shorts, sunglasses, a hat with a plaid flannel tied around the waist. Printed and patterned flowy dresses and rompers are also great options.

My Fashionista chose to wear a beautiful oversized patterned scarf. What I love about this scarf is that it’s unique and you can wear it in multiple ways. In the day time she wore it around her waist as a skirt and during the night she threw it on as a cardigan/shaw. Something to keep in mind is checking the forecast for these events so that you can layer appropriately. Warning: it can be excessively hot due to the body heat at concerts and festivals and it can get chilly during the night.

For her feet, she is sporting a pair of combat boots for its comfort and because it’s stylish. Choose a pair of shoes that you can shuffle, dance and mosh in. Ditch the heels and wedges and opt for a pair of Converses, Keds or Vans—they will go perfectly with any outfit.

Packing for a concert/festival can be stressful but you want to leave most of your baggage behind. Carrying a fanny pack, a small cross-body bag or a small backpack are good choices to bring and store your important essentials. You won’t have to worry about losing it because it will be super secured around your waist.

Additional accessories that my Fashionista has on are her tinted sunglasses and her septum piercing. Septum jewelry is trending and are available at stores like Claire’s, Icing and Forever 21. Her outfit is super cute, fashionable and boho-chic!

One Simple Change: To change this look into a a day to night look, I would simply change the fanny pack and opt for a cross-body bag. A beige colored bag like this gives a casual yet sophisticated look to the outfit to rock in the daytime to nighttime.