Summer is the magical time when there seems to be an unlimited amount of opportunities to go to concerts. From music festivals to concerts on the beach, summer is a great time for music lovers. And when it comes to our summer style, concerts are the perfect showcase. Concerts not only let us listen to our favorite artists play their music live, but they also allow us to experiment and be a little bit more creative with our outfits than we would for our everyday style.

This Fashionista is wearing an amazing concert outfit. Her flowy tie-dye pants steal the show and give her outfit a creative, hippie vibe that is perfect for attending a music festival or a nighttime summer concert. She lets her pants do all of the talking by pairing them with a simple black tank top that she knots to define the high waistline of her pants. The black kimono with fringe adds another element of fun detail to this great concert outfit. As for accessories, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a cool cross necklace, some eclectic rings and one fun bracelet. These accessories contribute to the fun hippie vibe of this Fashionista’s outfit without overshadowing her awesome pants.

One Simple Change: Have to go straight from your internship or job to the concert? Unknot your top and keep the kimono, but switch out the tie-dye pants for a sleek pair of dark wash jeans or even pair of patterned pants to take this outfit from concert creative to office professional, or vice versa.