September 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

There is nothing better than attending a concert, whether it’s your favorite band and you know every word or if it’s your first time listening to them. There is also nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when you should just be enjoying where you are.

This outfit is the perfect combination of cute and comfortable. A good pair of ‘60s-inspired light-wash jeans and strapless top define laid back and are an easy go to. At concert venues they always blast the AC to cool down the venue but then it gets so hot with so many people around so what’s the solution? A pair of loose jeans and a loose top. The jeans will keep you warm but won’t over heat you once people start coming in. The key to this outfit is also the flat shoes. Let’s be real… unless you want to fall or be sore all night, concerts are NOT a place for heels. These Sam Edelman shoes are comfortable and won’t slip off no matter how much you dance.

A good alternative combo would be short denim shorts and a long bell sleeve top. You could wear this outfit with a pair of flats or even your favorite converses.

In an outfit this cute, the only thing this Fashionista will be worrying about is when her favorite song is coming on.

One Simple Change: To go from day to night in this outfit is simple; you just need to dress it up a little. In order to change this outfit from concert wear to going out all you need to do is add a little makeup or wear some wedges. The best part about this outfit is that it’s versatile but while this look is more natural, it’d be easy to dress it up with a more dramatic eye or even just switching out your shoes.