The crowd roars, the lights change colors seamlessly, the music chimes in and you’re surrounded by your favorite people in the entire world. Is there anything better than going to a concert? Whether you’re attending the show with a cutie you just met or your best girlfriends, the perfect outfit can make the night that much more special.

I found this Fashionista and her outfit immediately caught my eye. First, let’s just talk about that pop of color. I think I’m in love with the thought of a wardrobe full of olive green. It’s so incredibly versatile; great for summer or fall! Let’s be honest, as broke college students, can we really afford to have a wardrobe for each season? Olive is such a soft and pleasant color, it’s flattering on all skin tones and hair colors; it’s a great color for all seasons. This fitted skirt is a fun and flirty option for a concert, and the gold zipper on the side gives it a special, edgy touch. She matched her necklace and bracelets to the tone of the gold zipper in order to tie the outfit together. Her loose top makes it a perfect choice for a hot outdoor concert or to fight the heat of a crowd. Flat shoes are a crucial choice for a crowded show; in the event of pushing or shoving, she doesn’t have to worry about breaking an ankle! They also have a secure buckle to ensure that her shoe won’t get swept away in a sea of people.

One Simple Change: Throw on a loose cardigan and a pair of nude wedges for a pre- or post-concert dinner date!