Summer is filled with all kinds of activities. One of my personal favorite things to do in the summer is going to concerts: country, hip-hop, festivals, you name it! Everyone loves a good concert because it is a time with tons of friends, new people, great style and good music. Concerts are a great way to bring out any funky style and it is a day to get away from your jean shorts and tank top and rock that RAD dress sitting in you closet. Important note to make: be sure to wear something stylish, but comfortable. Shoes can complete any look, but for a concert make sure they are ready to be worn for hours on end. I was the girl wearing a pair of cowgirl boots and could barely walk into the concert due to blisters. So rock any style you want, but make sure you are ready for a long night!

This Fashionista looks like she walked right out of Free People in a flowy dress with white embroidered detail. Free People have great summer clothes to fit any occasion since their clothes are very boho and chic. To top this outfit off she rocks a floral white headband which adds spice to her outfit and matches perfectly. Each flower is even detailed with a little stud diamond to add some sparkle. The Fashionista’s gladiator shoes are a huge hit this summer as you can never go wrong with a perfect pair of gladiator sandals. To finish off this boho-chic look, this Fashionista rocked a pair of black circle glasses.

One Simple Change: Want to grab some brunch before the concert, but don’t want to stand out too much? Take off the floral headband and big glasses as this will calm down the outfit to take on more a settle chic look.