If you haven’t already noticed, it’s music festival season! Which means there’s bound to be an amazing music festival at some point during the week or anywhere around the world. Everyone is abuzz with excitement not only for the performances, but also for the chance to make a fashion statement! If you know anything about these festivals, particularly the more popular ones like Coachella, then you know everyone (especially celebrities) take every opportunity to rock an amazing outfit.

As much fun as that can be, keep in mind these festivals usually take place in hot places on rather hot days. No one wants to end up with a heatstroke, sunburns, blisters and etc. while jamming out at a concert. That’s why it’s important to practice a sensible style, especially for concert days.

This Fashionista is a terrific example of what to wear when going to a concert, particularly outdoor ones. She has kept it simple with a tank top and jean shorts, and her flips flops offer her the option of kicking her shoes off for some real barefoot fun. What really turns this outfit up a notch is her kimono-esque robe as it’s cute and offers enough room for cool breezes, but still shields her skin from a potentially harsh sun. Lastly, this Fashionista has added a fun twist to her look with her jewelry. The digital watch and friendship bracelets are a great combination for a playful, ready to rock vibe.

I’d say this Fashionista looks ready for a day of singing along with her favorite bands from dusk until dawn!

One Simple Change: If you are going to a concert that is going to be extremely crowded, try switching out those flip flops for high-top sneakers. The close-toed shoes will protect your feet from any overzealous dancers in the crowd and avoid blistering between your toes.