‘Tis the season for concerts and festivals and all the great fashion that comes with it. Finding the perfect outfit for the show you’ve been waiting for since the beginning of March, when you bought your ticket, can be the most challenging thing. I remember going to my first festival during my freshman year of college, and I wore a pair of super uncomfortable jean shorts and a skimpy top. I have never felt so awkward in my own skin in my whole life. I have always been trying to figure out how to look both cute, hot, stylish and most importantly, comfortable.

This Fashionista has put the chic and comfort back into concert and festival wear. She has decided to break all the rules by wearing lace on lace. This gives off a very bohemian feel to her outfit. The lace shorts are made of a jersey knit material, which makes it very easy for her to move. Her lace top is flowy but still shows a slight bit of skin, making her look more fun and less dressy. She matched her outfit with a brown pair of wedges that she said she could spend days in, and then added silver rings to her fingers.

This is an outfit that I can see at more of a concert than a festival, but this Fashionista could easily throw on a pair of gladiators and fit right in with the festival scene.

One Simple Change: If she would throw on a light cardigan, this Fashionista could easily use this outfit for travel as well. Its relaxed fit allows her to move and sit in comfort, while the lace along with the wedges give it a very stylish and chic feel.