Concerts and music festivals are very popular summer activities. We wait all winter long to have the hot sun beating on our faces as we listen to our favorite band play. The second I buy my ticket, I start to think about what I am going to wear. The outfit, of course, depends upon whom you are going to see. Hopefully, you would not wear the same thing to a Taylor Swift concert as you would to Spring Awakening. Different genres of music have different trends. I spotted this Fashionista outside a Mumford and Sons concert, and I had to stop to take a picture!

She was wearing a loose-fitted, tie-dye dress with a small, brown, fringe purse and navy Converse. She had sunglasses holding back her hair and an adorable flower necklace. I loved this look because she made it look so easy. It is simple, sweet and cute. My favorite part was that she looked amazing without showing an unnecessary amount of skin. Too often at concerts, women think they need to show a ton of skin to look fashionable. However, this Fashionista proves that this is not the case. The outfit is very versatile and can be worn to a lot of different types of concerts, or even just around town on the weekend.

Summer is the time to enjoy yourself. Go to as many concerts and festivals as you can. They are the perfect places to experiment with new trends or styles you have been wanting to try!

One Simple Change: If you want to make the outfit dressier for a girl’s night out, change the shoes. Exchange the Converse for gladiator sandals or even wedges. This will glam up and feminize your look.