Concerts are always fun because of three reasons: you get to dance, listen to your favorite artist and, of course, your outfit. One must never overlook their concert outfit, because you never know if you might get called on stage to be serenaded by your favorite musician or get invited to the after party. Regardless of the outcome, the tricky part of concert attire is you want to look good, but still comfortable. A Fashionista is never the one limping out of the concert due to uncomfortable heels.

This Fashionista has her concert look down by keeping it simple, yet edgy, with the black and white color scheme. One thing to note: black and white can almost never go wrong. Her “disco pants” from American Apparel help dress this outfit up, yet it leaves room for her trendy top to steal the show.

If anyone has kept up with recent trends that are dominating the runways, you will know that fringe is an absolute summer must. The fringe sleeves and detail that run down the sides of her shirt really make this rockin’ concert outfit perfectly on-trend. The shirt also has a nice crochet design on the back allowing some of her back show. This feature dresses this top up making it perfect for a concert. Because the fringe is the statement piece of this outfit, this Fashionista doesn’t need to worry about jewelry. Her shoes are also perfect for a concert because she is able to give herself some extra inches while staying comfortable for her killer dance moves. Platform shoes offer a comfortable way to wear heels. This Fashionista is ready to rock the night away with friends.

One Simple Change: For a casual brunch look, you can switch out the shoes for a pair of flat leather booties for a more edgy street vibe.