Concerts are a huge part of the summer, whether you are going to a local band or going on a road trip to see your favorite artist perform. During the summer there are so many huge concerts in various cities. The big question is what to wear? This Fashionista totally rocked it with her outfit choice!

This Fashionista is sporting printed shorts with a basic white T-shirt and jean jacket. The best thing about the shorts is while being playful, they are also very comfortable—one of the many reasons I love that these are in style right now. Being comfortable while being at a concert, or really doing anything, makes it that much more enjoyable. Pairing them with the shorts, she decided on a white T-shirt and jean jacket. The white T-shirt is always a good way to go because it is both versatile and comfortable. On the top, she chose a jean jacket. This is perfect depending on how the weather is looking that day. Most concerts are inside an arena or on an outside stage. Having the jean jacket ready for anything is a plus.

The Fashionista really knows how important accessories are, so she definitely brought her A game. She is wearing a black, felt hat with gold necklaces and sunglasses. I think her hat is the perfect concert wear. It is so trendy and adds that much more to this outfit. She is also wearing her white Converse. In most cases, Converse are the go-to shoe. It is that shoe that is always in style and goes with just about everything. Lastly, her black cross-body is the perfect size for a concert. It will easy fit her tickets, wallet, a camera and anything else that is a must for a concert.

One Simple Change: To change this concert look from casual to a little more dressy, I would change out the Converse and slip on a simple black, close-toed wedge.