When summer comes around, people look forward to the beach, warm weather and all the fun activities that come out to play. One of those major activities are concerts! Outdoor concerts are big in the summer season and can be really fun! Now, when going to a concert, the project of figuring out what to wear can be an issue.

This look is great for an outdoor concert, as when the sun goes down it gets quite cold. This outfit has enough coverage to maintain comfort without wearing a sweater. This also is a great look for pretty much any type of concert, unless it is an event that is formal. The distressed denim is a staple concert and summer look this year and can add detail to any outfit. Wearing a button-down with the denim creates a chic but laid back look. You can play around with it and tuck it in different ways to show off the denim.

Shoes are an extremely important part to a concert outfit because there is a lot of standing, dancing and walking. These black booties are a great staple to have in your closet and can be awesome for concerts that you don’t want to wear heels to. Pull your hair up in a ponytail like this Fashionista, and you are ready to dance the whole night!

One Simple Change: If you’re going out with your girlfriends after the concert, switch the button-down for a fun crop top or tank top and add a leather jacket, and you’re ready for a girl’s night out!