July 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

One thing I love about fashion is that it tends to repeat itself. Trends will come and go and it’s a good thing, too, or else I wouldn’t be able to shop from my mom’s closet! Anyway, one era that has greatly influenced how people dress today is the ‘70s. The decade of bright colors, peace symbols, bell bottoms and flowers is finally back and can be seen anywhere from a girl’s night out to a leisurely day spent at the mall. Although the decade has left us, things have come full circle and the ‘70s inspire many people such as musicians, artists and fashion designers. It seems fitting that the fashion of those times is being worn at music festivals today with musicians inspired by the classics.

This Fashionista drew some inspiration from the ‘70s but put a modern twist on her outfit to create the perfect summer concert look. Reminiscent of bold floral patterns, she wore a crop top with subtle lace trim with floral details. The biggest ‘70s trend in her outfit has to be the printed pants. I really liked how the pattern is made up of more neutral colors, but you can find other pants with more vibrant colors, too! To finish her look, she wore bright pink studs for a pop of color and simple white sandals to match with the top. This outfit is great for a concert because it lets you soak up the sun and remain comfortable while you get your groove on.

One Simple Change: Are you traveling to your next music festival? You can practically wear this outfit on the road, but switch out the crop top for a tank top for an even more comfortable outfit.