The different fashion trends you spot at concerts and music festivals are endless. Some concert lovers go for the boho look with fringe and crocheted tops; others may go for the grunge look, with high-top Converse shoes on their feet and a beat up flannel around their waist; and others go for the chic, flower child look like this Fashionista did. Dressing for a music festival is exciting because it gives you the chance to be someone other than yourself for the day—someone a little big edgier and cooler than your average self.

This Fashionista transported herself back to the cool era of the ‘70s with her colorful floral Kimono. She looks like Woodstock all over again, and who wouldn’t want to be transported back in time to that concert? It was a time of self-expression, wild dancing, carefree laughter and peaceful unity.

Not only is her Kimono gorgeous and bright, but it’s also sheer and simple. It won’t get in her way while she rocks out to her favorite bands, nor will it make her hot while dancing under the hot sun. The vibrant overlay of the Kimono stole the show and the rest of this Fashionista’s outfit remained neutral and practical. Her layered gold necklaces were a perfect addition to this outfit due to their simplicity and hard edges. And lets not forget about that amazing floppy hat, fit for Holly Golightly herself from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It gives her a mysterious and classic vibe while remaining extremely useful for blocking her face from the rays above. These hats have been around for decades and aren’t going anywhere. From music festivals to the Kentucky Derby, you can wear them on endless occasions.

One Simple Change: Love this Kimono so much you want to wear it 24/7? Exchange the high-wasted shorts for some black skinny jeans. Throw on some fun, heeled sandals and toss the hat to the side. Bam! You’re ready for a night out on the town.