It is that time of year again when music is a must and there’s nothing better than a summer country concert. Headliners coming through the Chicago area make every country fan in Illinois want to put on their cowboy boots and bring out their inner Nashville spirit. The perfect summer country outfit can vary from person to person, but this particular Fashionista knew exactly how to put together a stylish outfit while rocking some of the latest trends.

The Fashionista is pictured wearing acid-washed, high-waisted denim shorts paired with a neutral-colored, sheer lace crop top from Buckle. She added a blue, loose-fitting tie dye vest which added more of a boho feel to her country look. Adding a flower crown from American Eagle made the country look her own while still maintaining that Taylor Swift vibe. Topping off the look were her burgundy, leather cowboy boots from Macy’s. This look crosses the path between country and boho, however it meshes together perfectly to create a unique outfit perfect for a country concert of her choosing. Her choice of high-waisted shorts allows her to stay comfortable, while also making sure she does not get too hot. The boots not only add the ideal country feel to the outfit, but also will protect her feet and will allow her to stand comfortably for a long night of standing and dancing. Her accessories pull the outfit together while still making it casual. This outfit is picture perfect and is so worthy of an Instagram post!

One Simple Change: This outfit can easily made into a summer’s day outfit by removing the flower crown, vest, and cowboy boots. By slipping on some sandals and a necklace, this outfit is completely new!