As if anyone ever truly needs a reason to go shopping, concerts are just a good justification for those who dare to question your reasoning. How you dress for a concert all depends on the genre of music. You definitely wouldn’t wear cowboy boots to an Ed Sheeran concert, right? I didn’t think so. The type of concert you’re going to is basically a large category and then there are tons of subcategories, which are the directions in which you could take your outfit. You dress for the type of music you’ll be listening to, but you add your own style and preference to the outfit. This Fashionista definitely makes me think music festival.

The boho, printed romper and gladiator sandals scream Coachella. I really think Vanessa Hudgens would approve. This Fashionista didn’t stop there, though. Her stacked bracelets, watch and rings really add to the outfit. Not to mention that fringe purse and turquoise necklace serve as the finishing touches when it comes to her accessories. Wearing her hair in a fishtail goes well with this Fashionista’s outfit. It enhances the boho feel and it’s also convenient for a concert where this Fashionista will be dancing and singing her heart out. Accessories and hairstyles really make all the difference—never forget that. This Fashionista is a great example to follow when looking for that perfect outfit for a music festival.

One Simple Change: Going downtown after the concert to continue dancing the night away? Throw on some cute booties and really dress up the romper. The heels will help take the outfit from a day to night look. Plus, who really likes wearing sandals in dark, crowded places?