Whether you be a total flower crown-wearing Lana Del Rey lover or a hardcore Fall Out Boy junkie, summer concerts are always a great place to showcase your style.

For this look, our Fashionisto was going for a more fun, upbeat type of look. He imagines himself wearing this outfit to a concert like Zedd or Skrillex. The geometric shapes are consistent throughout his outfit, adding a little organization that ultimately makes him stand out!

His statement with this look was the printed harem pant from H&M (they’re actually women’s — just goes to show anything can look amazing if you style it properly!). The solid black drawstring coincides with the plain black muscle tank top which gives the outfit a sense of clarity and tones down the other elements.

As for accessories, the necklace is an absolutely unique and exciting way to spice up an otherwise simple outfit like this. The three-dimensional aspect is super cool and definitely fits in with all of the hardware and light shows at the concert!

While I know that we’re all about the fashion here at CollegeFashionista, function does matter when attending a music event, especially if it’s outdoors! His advice for staying cool while looking hot? Tank tops are a great solution! If you’re looking to take it even further, maybe a bandana to keep you cool?

Whatever music you listen to or festivals you attend, remember to enjoy the fashion too! Take inspiration from all of the elements and you’re sure to rock as hard as the stars on stage!

One Simple Change: Looking to rock out and style on this fall with the same vibe? Try layering! Think of how cute this look would be with some denim or a hat to keep you warm!