If there is one thing you must know about me, it should be that I am obsessed with going to concerts. If I did not love clothes so much, every penny I earn would go toward concert tickets and music festivals. There is nothing more surreal than seeing your favorite artists perform live, surrounded by people who are dancing and enjoying life as much as you are. These moments give me all the feels.

As much as I love going to concerts, nothing stresses me out quite as much as choosing an outfit. Should I embrace my inner flower child? Should I be a band T-shirt wearing groupie? What’s more important; wearing these shoes or not getting blisters? All of these questions race through my mind for months in advance.

If this Fashionista had similar questions racking her brain, I would never have guessed it. From head to toe, this girl hit the nail on the head with her concert look. Starting with her halter top, the thin material will keep you nice and cool while everyone else’s clothes sweatily cling to them. Also, the open back is perfect for showing off her strappy bralette, adding interest to her outfit. By slightly tucking her top into her black high-waisted jeans, she gave her loose-fitting top some shape. For accessories, she kept it simple with a few neutral colored bracelets, a dainty stone necklace and a cross-body bag. Too much jewelry can get annoying, or worse, lost, at a concert, so I like to go with the less is more motto. Cross-body bags are perfect for concerts because you can keep all of your necessities right by your side and both of your hands are free to wave in the air—or take a selfie.

Footwear can easily make or break your concert experience. Brand new wedges may look cute with your outfit, but you won’t look cute walking around barefoot at the end of the night. This Fashionista did an excellent job of adding height to her look without sacrificing comfort. These black chunky sandals are not only on-trend, but the platform makes them extremely comfortable for bouncing up and down all night.

One Simple Change: If you and your friends are not ready for the night to end, toss on a leather jacket and some red lipstick to make your outfit ready for a girl’s night out.