As we enter into summer and plan our various summer adventures, it is important to make sure our wardrobes are as ready to jet-set as we are. What is the number one attraction for college students once they are finally free from school work? Concert tours! With plenty of tour dates with all of the best artists, how is a Fashionista supposed to dress to have a fabulously good time?

This Fashionista is a prime example of how to dress for some outdoor summer concerts. Her Aztec-printed dress is colorful and lightweight, perfect for those hot summer nights and crowded concerts. The vest gives a stylish, military touch while providing a little cover over the strapless dress.

Lastly, her strappy sandals are the perfect pick for concert wear. With all of the time spent standing, jumping, dancing and stepping over people at concerts, heels are a no-go. Not only are her sandals the envy of this Style Guru, but are a practical choice for spending hours on her feet. When it comes to the end of the concert, instead of wanting to go back and rest, she will be ready to grab a late night bite with friends.

When packing your bags to hit the road for concerts, keep this Fashionista in mind. While style is important for picking out the perfect concert look, so is practicality. Your concert experience will be much more enjoyable in sandals over six-inch heels.

One Simple Change: Meet someone at the concert and want to grab coffee after the date? Ditch the vest and pull your hair up. It’s a quick way to refresh after a concert and transition into a casual date.