I find myself to be fairly decent at putting outfits together for occasions I’m celebrating or events I’m attending. Though I often spend hours actually creating the ensemble, it’s more about the fun of finding the perfect look, and not because I’m clueless about what to wear. However, dressing for concerts gives me serious fashion anxiety. If it’s an indoor concert, I find it tough to put together a cute, low maintenance outfit. Pockets for my phone and money are always a necessity. Breezy fabric is also important so you won’t burn up while dancing. Outdoor concerts are a little better, since it’s almost always going to be warm, and shorts and a T-shirt will do just fine. Finding this Fashionista on campus was basically fate, since her outfit gave me major inspiration for any concerts I’ll be attending over the summer.

Starting off with the crop top (which she actually made), the Fashionista gives a great example of the kind of top to wear to a concert. A crop top like this won’t fall down from your crazy dance moves, and it’ll keep you cool while you’re showing them off. The jeans she’s wearing are more of a modern take on mom jeans. The light wash pairs well with the crop top, and they just look super comfortable as well. This Fashionista’s shoes are beyond adorable, and they will keep your feet comfy as you dance the night away. Plus, the added height from the platform can be perfect for seeing past the taller people who will inevitably stand directly in front of you.

The cardigan tied around the Fashionista’s waist is a great option for an indoor concert, since it can be pretty chilly outside once the shows over. The cardigan tied around the waist gives off a cool ’90s vibe, which I’m always a fan of. The Fashionista topped off the look with a silver jeweled ring and two pigtail braids—a perfect concert hairstyle.

One Simple Change: By switching out the crop top for a cropped sweater, the look becomes perfect for heading to the library. Since libraries are always freezing, the sweater and jeans will keep you warm, but you won’t have to sacrifice any style while you hit the books.