April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

It is one of my favorite times of the year. Spring and summer bring our favorite music festivals, concerts and some of the coolest atmospheres to be a part of back on the scene. No matter what artist or type of music you are going to see, these experiences require a whole new style because of the totally unique environment.

Music festivals like Coachella are often known for their very bohemian looks with lots of lace, while others like the Vans Warped Tour are more grunge and filled with flannels and graphic T-shirts. This Fashionista rocks her concert and music festival look, bringing out the best in a bohemian, warm weather style. The floral prints and lace touches of her outfit would make her a perfect fit at Coachella.

She starts her look with the perfect combination of high-waisted jean shorts and a loose-fitting crop top. They show off her figure, but in a tasteful way that expresses her personal style and love for the warm weather. The floral print of her crop top is timeless and subtle with a very pastel color palette, which keeps her look from doing too much. She adds a touch of lace by including a bralette underneath that complements the florals nicely by adding just a little bit of a boho vibe.

She completes her look with a pair of wedges and sunglasses. Wedges are perfect for spring and summertime concerts if you are willing to commit to them because they are casual enough to match with shorts and a crop top. They combine the best of both worlds with the look of a feminine pair of heels and the comfort of a pair of bohemian sandals.

No warm weather concert look would be complete without sunglasses. This Fashionista rocks very round frames which brings in those bohemian and ‘60s vibes that are classic for music festivals and this year’s spring and summer style. They complement the look by tying the bohemian and summer vibes of her outfit together and allow her to show off a little bit of her weird and edgy personality in the best of ways.

So whether you are headed to a big time music festival or just a local concert in your hometown, rock a unique style that matches the totally different atmosphere. The outfit opportunity is endless, but if you’re looking to go a little boho, this Fashionista’s look is definitely a place to start.

One Simple Change: Want to keep the good vibes of a music festival in your everyday style? Switch out the crop top for a more casual, loose-fitted bohemian top and the wedges for a pair of sandals or slip ons for the perfect weekend wear!