April 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

Here at James Madison University we have a special day in the spring called Madipalooza that is dedicated to amazing music, carnival games and more food than your stomach can hold. The best part about this day is that this year it happened to fall on the same weekend as Coachella. For me, it was perfect because JMU came out in fashionable droves to this event sporting their best kimonos, boots, high-waisted shorts and sunnies.

Now when at an outdoor festival event such as Madipalooza comes around the first thing that needs to be checked off on the outfit list is comfort. Dancing, walking, standing and jumping: all of these things require clothes that won’t feel too heavy or restrictive. That’s why this Fashionista’s dress fits the bill. It’s got flow to it and the pattern is a demure take on the floral trend that always sweeps spring. Another factor to consider is the pair of shoes in which you’ll be dancing, walking, standing and jumping in. It’s incredibly important to wear a relatively durable shoe that has some aspect of support to it, whether it be laces, straps or cushion on the heel and sole. The boots this Fashionista wears fit all of the criteria and even have an interesting texture to them that matches wonderfully with the knitted socks.

When outside for a festival the sun is a force to be reckoned with. Pairing a great hat to block the sun and wearing sunglasses is always a smart move. Plus hats are always in style and like this black hat on our Fashionista, they add another dimension to a look. And finally, the kicker: accessories. No festival look is complete without the extra pieces that truly do bring an outfit together. A big trend as of late is that of the crystal. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are adorned with them and they add a really mellow but dynamic aura. Bags are also a really handy tool when at a concert festival. Sunscreen, keys, phones, water bottles and money have to have someplace to go and what better way to keep them stored than with a trendy tote bag or sling bag like this Fashionista did.

One Simple Change: As the night grows cooler with the setting sun it’d be a great idea to throw on a thick cardigan for warmth. Fringe is always a must at festivals so it’s not a bad idea to try and find one that matches the trend. Also, a lightweight scarf or bandana will warm up your neck but keep the outfit at peak impact.