Summer is inching closer to us and that also means that concert season is soon to be upon us. Concerts are a place to mix two of the best things: music and fashion. An outfit can tell the type of concert a person is attending. For example, if a person is rocking a flannel shirt and cowboy boots, you can assume they are attending a country concert. Other times, it is hard to distinguish between what to wear to a rock concert or a pop concert. Of course, there is always a balance.

This Fashionista was attending a Kalin and Myles concert, a mix between pop and rap. Her patterned, gray crop tank top gave the sense that she was ready to have a good time. The pattern was not too intricate so that it took away from the outfit, but it added to it perfectly. When going to a concert, there are times where you have to wait outside before going in or it could even be outside. To avoid being cold, this Fashionista wore an oversized light gray cardigan that added volume to the outfit. She paired this with high-waisted black leggings and strappy black sandals. The sandals allow her to move freely and dance without having sore feet instantly.

To accessorize, she had her dainty gold circle necklace that she wears daily. She also tried out a gold chain necklace, and she totally rocked it. To make the overall outfit bold, this Fashionista opted for a dark red lip and red nail polish to add pops of color while still sticking with the simple color palette.

For your next concert, try out this simple yet rocker outfit. You will be sure to turn heads and maybe even catch the attention of the performers.

One Simple Change: Maybe you meet some new people at the concert and decide to meet up after for dinner or drinks. Swap the cardigan and sandals for a leather jacket and blacks pumps for an edgier nighttime look.