April 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

If you’re a music junkie like I am, you know that awesome artists like Rihanna and Kanye West are releasing new albums this year. This summer will be full of rad tunes to blast while riding down the highway. Honestly, the best part about the summer is having time to explore new towns, find fun places to shop and finally being able to go to that concert you’ve been anticipating. Every time I plan to go to a concert, I find myself having trouble deciding if it will be too cold or hot inside and outside, especially when the weather isn’t very stable. Now that the weather is warm more consistently, I thought it was time to feature a Fashionista/o who had just the right pieces for a night on the lawn.

Warm weather calls for clothes that move with the wind. This Fashionista wore a denim skater skirt, which is an awesome item to base any outfit on. The light wash made it easy to add other basics and neutrals like her graphic T-shirt and gray cardigan. The cardigan makes it easier to transition between warm and cool temperatures. Comfortable shoes are a must. No one ever plans to stand up the entire show, but that’s what we almost always end up doing.

Accessories should be kept simple like the brass necklace this Fashionista is wearing. A messenger bag should always be on the checklist because they’re perfect for carrying everything. Her sunglasses and lavender hair give the look a punk vibe that will totally match the fun atmosphere of a concert.

One Simple Change: When the concert is over and you’re ready to start a girl’s night out, change into something a bit classier. A midi skirt will go nicely with wedges or a pair of caged heels.