Well Fashionistas, spring has sprung! It’s safe to say that the weather is perfect for going to get ice cream, reading a good book outside and doing basically every wonderful springtime activity you can think of. I’ve always felt that this time of year is particularly perfect for attending concerts. Think about it: It’s not too hot or too cold, which makes it the ideal time to dance the night away while listening to some of your favorite tunes.

If you just scored tickets to an amazing concert this spring and need a visual aid on how to dress, just check out this Fashionista. She wore a classic denim jacket over a black crop top. Crop tops are definitely an item that can be scary to try, but this Fashionista styled hers perfectly with her jacket and high-waisted polka dot pants. To make the look even cooler, she finished it off with a pair of awesome black ankle boots.

Overall this outfit has the three most important components needed for a springtime concert. First, it has layers. With the power of layering, we can be prepared for the occasional spring swelter and equally prepared for any chill that may come our way. Secondly, it has comfort. Concerts typically entail long nights of either standing or dancing around. Comfy pants and a sturdy pair of shoes are a must. Thirdly and most importantly, it’s a really fun look. If there was a perfect occasion for getting dolled up and trying out something new with your look, a concert is that occasion. Have some fun with what you wear, and make sure it’s something that you feel confident in.

So as you’re scrolling through the web to try to figure out which band to go see, at least you know you’ll have no trouble figuring out what to wear when you see them.

One Simple Change: Need a new outfit to wear to your internship? Have no fear! Switch out the crop top in this look for a sweater or cotton button-up shirt, and it instantly transforms to office chic.