The most important thing to remember when attending a concert is that there will be lots of people crammed into a tight space. You will be packed in with very little wiggle room. So, the key to dressing for a show is dress comfortably while maintaining your personal style. This Fashionisto definitely managed to keep his outfit simple yet eye-catching. Another important rule for concerts: protect your feet! Depending on the genre of music you’re going to watch, you might get your feet jumped on or kicked.

This Fashionisto chose to wear one busy garment while keeping the others basic and one toned. Since his wolf patterned button-down shirt has so many different neutral shades in it, any bright colors could really throw off the balance of the ensemble. The practicality of button-downs at concerts is pretty noteworthy. If you get too hot, just loosen a couple buttons or take it off. This Fashionisto carries his classic black and white bandana for a similar reason. You want to keep the sweat off of your face, but not have to go find a bathroom to tidy up in. That would put you at risk of losing your spot.

Black fitted pants were a wise choice, as well. I say this mainly because I almost always get a drink spilled on me and black is invulnerable to that sort of thing! Also, the black ties in with the shades in his wolf patterned shirt. This Fashionisto has more than likely been to a couple of concerts. He knows to wear boots. He went with a pair of maroon Dr. Martens, which bring much needed color to his otherwise neutral outfit.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto were to throw on a cardigan or a sweater, this outfit could be appropriate for an internship or office setting.