WHAT TO WEAR: Compelling in Casual

Researchers say that the judgments that people make within the first ten seconds of meeting you are generally pretty enduring. So we haven’t been spending hours picking out an outfit for the first day of school for nothing. But seriously, everyone wants to leave a good first impression, especially at the beginning of a new semester. It’s no wonder why people are always stressing during back to school shopping, trying to find pieces that are both cute and cozy. How does one maintain the look of a Fashionista 24/7 when, let’s face it, everyone has those days where they just need to be comfy and laidback?

Such a happy medium does exist, and I believe I saw it this weekend at the New York Botanical Gardens. Our Fashionista was wearing loose jeans with a top to match. Not only was this the perfect outfit to wear while staring at flowers in the hot sun, but it would also be the perfect outfit to wear to class on a day where you just need to be relaxed and casual.

Like the quintessential college student, she thrifted her whole outfit (minus the shoes, which belonged to her late grandfather). Without looking chintzy or bland, she styled these rather basic pieces to create a new standard of simplicity. This look is simultaneously authentic and classic. The jeans and striped shirt are pretty casual, but the cut and design provide such a unique dynamism that when mixed with the vintage shoes and trendy bralette turns this outfit into something inexplicably charming.

I have always had a sort of transient style, but I found that what has constantly captivated me is verity. Style that is genuine and a true outward expression is something that will always look good. Even if it is casual. I hope everyone has a fall semester that is wonderful and as cool as this Fashionista’s clothing color palette and personality.